Men Who Develop Praying Disciples

Producing More Prayer-Energized Disciples and Ministries.

Men Praying Everywhere seeks to produce praying men who are on mission with God in all the places where God calls them.


1. Within men is the DNA of revolutionary impact.
2. Equipping men to pray is a strategic kingdom priority.
3. How can we increase the impact of men in our churches, ministries, businesses and community? We must call them to prayer and spiritual activity!

The Need – Praying Leaders, Praying Culture and Prayer Equipping

1. Leaders Create a Praying Culture.

– To have praying men, organizations must have leaders who create a praying culture.

2. Leaders Model and Lead Their Organizations to have a praying culture.

– Every Leader a Praying Leader and Every Leader a Prayer Advocate.
– Leaders provide prayer equipping so that every man can be a fully-equipped praying disciple.
– Organizations with praying leaders and praying men are prepared to follow God’s leading.

“People who do not pray will always be disoriented to the activity of God”
Pastor Mel Blackaby

3 Keys to Leading Men in Prayer

1. Provide Male Leadership

“Whenever God calls His people to Himself, He uses His leaders.” (Blackaby)
Leadership is required to keep prayer and evangelism on task.

2. Create a “Male Context” – An Environment Where Men Thrive

Men follow men. Men need male leadership. They are looking for men who will lead them to greatness. Men need vision and purpose. Men respond positively to being discipled. Men will not lead in areas where they do not feel equipped and competent.

3. Engage the “Warrior Spirit” in Men (Born to Be A Warrior, Commander John R. “Barney” Barnes)

“Warrior Spirit: The passionate desire and determination in the heart of a man to prepare and perfect himself for the stance against evil in the service of others.”

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