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Training Men to Lead Prayer Groups

Forming Prayer Squads
We have formalized our “prayer squad” emphasis in men praying with men into launching 2-man and 4-man prayer groups using the framework of US Marines 2-man “Buddy teams” and 4-man “fire teams.” (The source material for this approach was written by Barney Barnes. Click here to view.)

The Fundamentals of Our Prayer Approach
The most important fundamentals of this approach are:

  1. Within men is the DNA of revolutionary impact.
        Training men to pray is a strategic kingdom priority.
        How can we increase the impact of men in church and community?
        Call them to prayer and spiritual activity.
  1. God Calls Leaders First: We must first find the leaders of men.
        a. Has He or Is He Calling a man to be a Leader of Men?
        b. Has that man been discipled in prayer?
        c. Could that man disciple men to become men of prayer?
  1. We must Create a Male Context – An Environment Where Men Thrive
        a. Men follow men
        b. Men need male leadership.
        c. Men need vision and purpose
        d. Men want to be led to greatness.
        e. Men will lead when they feel trained and competent.
        f. Men respond positively to being discipled in prayer.

Since “men follow men,” in order to raise up more praying men, we need to raise up more men’s prayer leaders who can lead men in men’s prayer groups.

We are working nationally to lead this movement of men’s prayer leaders. We would like to partner with you regarding opportunities to work together in cities and regions to spur on this movement.

Are you and the men you know interested in receiving this training?

Let’s schedule a call to discuss this opportunity!
TBush@MenPraying.org Cell: (619) 742-8694

About Our Leaders

Founder Thomas Bush, has been involved with prayer ministry since the early 1990’s. He has significant background and experience with prayer and prayer ministry that ranges from working with individuals to establishing city-wide prayer networks.

Thomas has been involved in men’s ministry and prayer ministry since the 1980’s. He began as the prayer coordinator for the San Diego Promise Keepers Task Force.

Since then, Thomas has served as Coordinator of the San Diego Regional Prayer Network, he is a member of the Southern Baptist National Prayer Committee (PrayerLink), and the US National Prayer Committee.

Thomas also serves as a Prayer Consultant for the California Southern Baptist Convention. Additionally he serves local churches as a prayer consultant as requested.

Thomas consults in prayer ministry with Promise Keepers, Exponential, Child Evangelism Fellowship and Moms In Prayer. He is a past Southern California regional coordinator for the National Day of Prayer. (San Diego, Imperial County, Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties)

Thomas is a trained Business Analyst (20 years) and Business Chaplain (worked 3 years for Marketplace Chaplains) and he leads a community transformation non-profit called “Community Impact ROI.” Thomas lives in the San Diego Area.

Thomas has the character of Epaphras in Colossians 4:12 as one who “always contends for you in his prayers so you can stand mature and fully assured in everything God wills.” (HCSB)